Dear Joshua: No Spitting

Dear Joshua, my beloved son,

I know you think it’s hilarious to stick your tongue out, suck in air, and blow raspberries like a boy impersonating an elephant, but it’s kinda gross when you do this at dinner time when Mommy has just fed you a large spoonful of carrots.

Carrots stain.

But laughter soothes the soul. And my oh my, dear son, do you make Mommy laugh lately. A lot. And hard.

Erik said to me the other day, “Yeah, I could skip the first four months.” And while the Mommy in me immediately says, “Oh but all those cuddly moments when he learned to sleep, and learned to nurse, and learned to smile, and learned to recognize me …” Yes, all those moments are precious, and the newborn stage is definitely something to remember and cherish … however, 6 months was a huge break through, and 7 months is amping up to be fairly hilarious.

The impish grins, the silly looks, the excitement of sitting and standing and crawling, and yes, even the spitting–man, this is super fun! Yay Josh!

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I am Kristin. I am Erik's wife. I am Joshua, Rebecca, and Andrew's mom. I am known nationally as the "QBQ! Daughter" and keynote on Personal Accountability and the QBQ. I am certified in Myers Briggs and am passionate about helping people understand themselves and others better. I am John and Karen's daughter. I am sister to many, mentor to some, friend to others. Most defining, I am Christ's daughter, adopted by God--rescued and saved by grace. And almost every single day, I need to be reminded of that truth. Come say "hi" at and of course, browse the blog! I'd love to hear from you, so comment away!
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1 Response to Dear Joshua: No Spitting

  1. jenny says:

    So glad it's getting "happier." Yes, the first 6 months were hell for me too with Bella. I remember thinking, "Okay, I kinda like this…" at 6 months. And at a year, I remember thinking, "Now we're talking!" 🙂 Hooray for progress…

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