Potty Training a Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog

This is my son. The prairie dog. We are potty training.

Potty training a prairie dog is a difficult task.

1. The prairie dog is stubborn as all get out. And rarely comes out of his hole except to ask for T.V., peanut butter sandwiches, and to go to the pool.

2. The prairie dog can’t communicate very effectively. I have to interpret from the grunts, squeals, unintelligible syllables and hand motions what exactly is scaring the prairie dog in regards to using the toilet.

3. The prairie dog only likes to stand by the toilet. And aim. (I believe this comes from his love for holes in general.) And while this is making one part of potty training very easy, it’s making the second part of potty training, well, difficult. And messy. Which leads me to …

4. The prairie dog is messy.

5. The prairie dog likes to “do his business” in private. While playing in the kids room. Which is not a bathroom, and is definitely not near a toilet.

6. The prairie dog does not like to be told when to “try” and for how long to sit there. No amount of bribing, begging, or threatening can make the prairie dog go if he isn’t ready.

7. The prairie is cuddly. And loveable. Why is this making him difficult to potty train? Because I hate having something that causes our relationship to be more tense than normal. As much of a game as I make it, it’s still discouraging when he refuses to cooperate. Or has an accident. And it’s heartbreaking to hear the prairie dog say, “Don’t tell Mama!” when he’s found with messy pants. Some days I think it’d be easier to keep him in diapers forever, simply to keep peace in our relationship. But that’s the ridiculous peace-keeper/harmony-seeker in me, and I know that’s not good mothering.

Mothering is not always easy. And neither is potty training a prairie dog.


Potty training fun

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1 Response to Potty Training a Prairie Dog

  1. kegmiller7 says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Love this!! So cute!

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