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Have a preschooler? Don’t hold a grudge.

This started as a Facebook status update, but I realized it’s a little bit of a blog. So, I’ll log it here, even though I rarely blog anymore. I love bedtime conversations with my son. He was a bit of … Continue reading

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“But that wasn’t the PLAN!”

Marriage to my husband Erik, and parenting have taught me two truths …. Not at all the evening I expected … I expected a family dinner, playing at the park with my kiddos while Erik was at band practice, early … Continue reading

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Marked with Infertility

Bear with me, it has been a while. My Trying to Conceive history: Easy conception in December of 2006 and then a 10 week “missed” miscarriage. D&C. Doctor discovered a septate in my uterus. Nurse incorrectly advised me to “go … Continue reading

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Conversations with a One Year Old

There’s just nothing like a conversation with a one year old. Nothing. I sat down in the rocker with Becca, age 20 months. Oo ha oo ha! You want to read the Curious George book? Yeah! (said in a voice … Continue reading

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Were the years wasted???

Originally posted on Journey On …:
I have a tendency to state things rather dramatically, especially when emotions are running high. Today, I need to say these words, even though I know they’re illogical, not true, and completely for “theatrical affect”: “I…

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Amazing, Sweet Lemonade. No Joke.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade … right? I had a bunch of lemons left on my kitchen counter after our half-finished cleanse, and I wasn’t sure what to do with them! I asked out loud, more to myself … Continue reading

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6 Things My Husband Said That Got My Attention

“So, is this phase of life, like, one that you’ll look back on years from now and say, ‘Whoa–our marriage sure was on the rocks then! That was tough!’” The question came from my little brother, Michael, who has a … Continue reading

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