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Packing Up HOPE

A week ago yesterday, I packed up HOPE. I was done, that was it–no more. Erik and I had been informed of yet another pregnancy–yet another pregnancy that wasn’t ours’, that didn’t seem “fair” and that caused us to ask, … Continue reading

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This isn’t a happy one…

Sometimes I feel guilty that many of my posts are depressing. But then I think, ‘hey–the title of the blog is ‘Glimpses of Me’. If you don’t like what you see, than don’t read it!’ This morning has suddenly turned … Continue reading

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Behind the Smile

warning: brutal honesty below. read @ own risk. I just can’t do it anymore. If one more pregnant woman complains about her morning sickness, I am going to scream. If one more pregnant lady makes a face about the pooch … Continue reading

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I AM Job.

I AM Job. “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” Job 1:21 Gut wrenching pain to the depths of my being. Never before have such emotions racked my body, wreaking … Continue reading

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