How did you come up with the title “The Making of a Mother”?

Brainstorming. Which I hate doing, but know needs to be done sometimes. Thanks to my husband for putting up with me–I’m NO fun when I’m brainstorming. 🙂 I blogged about it, so go read that!

Did you always want to be a mom?

Yes. Next question? 😛

Tell me about your kids!

Joshua: {9 years old}{spunky}{energetic}{intelligent}{musical}{sweet}{emotional}{funny}{prayed for}


Joshua has always loved the spotlight


Our miracle girl

Rebecca: {7 years ol}{joyful}{miraculous}{adorable}{chill}{butterfly}{her story}

Andrew John: {4 years old} {verbal} {loud} {sensitive} {reasonable} {hilarious}

Mariah Mary Jane: {1 year old} {a gift} {joyful} {delightful} {funny} {sweet}

What’s it like being a pastor’s wife?

I don’t know. No, really, I don’t! I’m not being facetious either! I certainly never desired to be a pastor’s wife. In my almost 8 years of being married to a man who is in the ministry, I’ve never experienced being the lead pastor’s wife–and that’s the role most people are referring to when they ask me that question. I can speak to being a youth pastor’s wife, and an associate pastor’s wife, and a worship pastor’s wife, and a church planter’s wife (it’s quite a story) (this is of course all the same man :)).

What do your tattoos mean?

My first tattoo is on the inside of my left wrist. It is the Hebrew word for “hope”– “Tikvah.” It is pronounced “teek-VAH,” with emphasis on the second syllable. The theme of HOPE runs deep in my life; my journey with infertility started with a miscarriage way back in 2007.

My second tattoo is the Hebrew word for “rest”–“Nuwach”, pronounced noo’-akh.
Honestly, I hope is says “rest” … I got it on a slightly angry whim. I woke up the morning that my husband and friends were going to the tattoo parlor, and once again realized I wasn’t pregnant. I searched for a word, decided on “rest” and here it is on my wrist. I hope it says rest….Either way, together with the one of my left wrist, it reminds me to “rest in hope”. My two with my husband’s reads “REST in the HOPE of the LORD”

What’s it like working for your dad?

My dad and I have always had a special relationship. So when he asked me to quit my job as an academic advisor at a university and work for him full time, it was a no brainer! It’s eye opening to go from being just your parent’s child, to partner in business. I have so much more respect for all the sweat and blood my dad put into building his company while I was young! And now I get to reap the benefits of his hard work; I am truly blessed.

What’s it like being the oldest of 7 children?

Normal. Normal for me, anyway. I’ve never really known anything else! My role as first born and oldest has shaped me and made me who I am today. I love having a big family and thoroughly enjoy all of my siblings. And as we each marry and now have started adding children, the craziness only grows. We are goofy and dramatic and expressive and interconnected to an extreme sometimes … but we are family. And I love it.

The Miller clan in all of our glory

The Miller clan in all of our glory

When did your family adopt? And from where?

When I was entering my senior year of high school, my family decided to do fost-adopt specifically to take in a sibling set of three girls, ages 5, 2 and 1. My sisters are from Boulder, CO and came to live with us in 2000. We officially adopted them in 2002. It has been quite a journey, with ups and downs. But at the end of the day, these three sisters of mine–though we look very different–are just as much family to me as the rest of the crew.

How did your struggle with infertility shape you?

Oh man … big question. My journey through infertility is one that has changed me. God really does use all things for good; I can’t even count how many friends, friends of friends, strangers even have stumbled across my blog and found hope. And affirmation. And even had a teary laugh or too as they read my rantings. I have been blessed with four angels and I am honored to be their mother. And the journey to get to them … I’d never wish it away. It makes me–it makes our family–who we are. And God is glorified.

More to come!

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