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Motherhood Meltdown: The Day After

So, mothers, go have your Motherhood Meltdown. You might feel a bit sheepish, but you’ll get some great hugs from your kids, and seriously–The Day After is totally worth it. Continue reading

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A New Year: Choosing Joy

I’ve let the blog lag, lately. I’m well aware, and while it saddens my heart, I just don’t have the space in my life–nor the focus and direction–to pour into this right now. WordPress sent me the usual “would you … Continue reading

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What Makes You a Mother?

Your children. Your children make you into a mother. Day by day, week by week–sometimes minute by minute. These children are creating a mother. Sure, some of it is innate in most women–the desire to nurture, to care for, to … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day: Here It Is Again

Mother’s Day used to hurt my heart. Over three years and two kids later … it still kinda does. Mother’s Day hurts my heart because I remember. I remember how it felt to wake up on that dreadful morning, knowing … Continue reading

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