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9 months and I’m still in awe

Tomorrow marks 9 months … and I’m still in awe. 9 months ago I was dancing away to “Just Dance” on the Wii … anything to get Baby Boo to come out! 9 months ago tonight, I was packing my … Continue reading

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Blogger’s Block: What Happened to Me?

Did turning 30 kill my brain? Stifle my passion? Turn off my heart? You’d think so if you used to follow my blog and wondered where I went. I’VE wondered where I went, so I wouldn’t blame you if you … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day: Here It Is Again

Mother’s Day used to hurt my heart. Over three years and two kids later … it still kinda does. Mother’s Day hurts my heart because I remember. I remember how it felt to wake up on that dreadful morning, knowing … Continue reading

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Dear Joshua: Thank You for Time

Dear Joshua, You will never understand how amazing it is for Mommy when you play by yourself. I mean really–I’ve barely seen you or heard you since 10:00am and it’s now 11:21. I was able to feed your sister, clean … Continue reading

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Motherhood Gets Muddy

I had a muddy mommy moment yesterday. Thankfully, it was just for a moment. I’d just gotten home from a 3 night trip away, and Joshua desperately needed some Mommy time.  And Mommy needed Joshua time. However, it was 5:35 … Continue reading

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Back to Work: Dusting Off, Diving In

I haven’t been alone this long in over five months. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself! I’m back to work–back to running live QBQ! training sessions–and I’m kicking it off with a session for a pizza franchisee … Continue reading

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