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“Mom! You’re on a book!”

“Can you believe it?” I said to my 6 year old son, Joshua. “What, Mama-believe what?” he asked sweetly. “Look–look who wrote this book!” He looks closely at the pictures on the back cover. “You! You and Grandpa Bop!” My … Continue reading

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The Pull of the Hotel Room

Oh that moment where you finally get to your hotel room, and the reality of “no one is here who needs me at this precise moment and there’s no house to clean” hits, and all you wanna do it take … Continue reading

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Belief: Speaking Up in Conflict

I had a great discussion today with my client group (25 person hospital revenue cycle company) in New Orleans. We had wrapped up our session on Personal Accountability and the QBQ! and I was mentioning our book Outstanding! and its … Continue reading

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A few days back, I posted at our blog at QBQ.com. I’d love for you to hop on over and check it out! I really enjoyed writing “Me? Entitled? Definitely!” A Message from Millennial Me.

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The “S” in ISFJ: The Stretching of a Sensor

Within the Myers Briggs personality system, I am a ISFJ. I prefer Sensing. This means that I prefer to experience the world, and take in information through my five senses. I like to keep BOTH–not just one–feet grounded in reality. … Continue reading

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Back to Work: Dusting Off, Diving In

I haven’t been alone this long in over five months. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself! I’m back to work–back to running live QBQ! training sessions–and I’m kicking it off with a session for a pizza franchisee … Continue reading

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