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The Power of Mindset

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If you are familiar with what we teach at QBQ, Inc., you know it all comes down to the power of our thoughts. The QBQ! is a mindset tool; it changes the way I think. I recently received this quick note from a training client:

“I was having a rough rough day today, and I started getting some of those negative thoughts.  I’ve been training your QBQ course and working with our teams over the last year.

All of a sudden I heard your voice, “Don’t jump into the classic pity party…and the pit of despair.”

I flipped my mind into QBQs.  I know we all struggle, but I wanted to let you know that your advice and training does help. 😊”  


Change takes intentionality. Learning the QBQ! is the first step; practicing and reinforcing the new habit happens over time. And when an individual chooses to dive in and try, great life change can happen!

This is why I do what I do. Time and time again, I’ll teach personal accountability, and share the QBQ! principles with a group, and individuals will tell me how the material changed their thinking. How relationships have improved. How teams have been strengthened. How perspectives have shifted and goals have been achieved.

It’s a wonderful thing to know you’re making an impact on people’s lives. Interested in knowing more about QBQ! training? I’d be happy to chat. 🙂